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The fourth class of the Robinson Police Department's Citizen Police Academy (RPDCPA) graduated May 22, 2012. 15 students were presented with a certificate of completion for giving their time to complete the 10 week course. So what's holding YOU back from joining the next RPDCPA?

2012 RPD Citizen Police Academy

Class #1 of the Robinson Police Department's Citizen Police Academy (RPDCPA) formed the RCPAAA (Robinson Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association) on April 10, 2008. For more information regarding the RCPAAA click here.

Ok, so most of what you know about the Robinson Police Department is what you've experienced when you received a citation for speeding. Or maybe it was that time your house was burglarized while you were away from home. Or even worse, was it when something really tragic happened in your life. What ever it was, you probably didn't get to see the real Robinson Police Department. That is one reason the Citizen Police Academy was designed. Read on...

  • What is the Citizen Police Academy?
    The RPDCPA is a unique learning experience conducted by the police department and designed to give citizens a better understanding of the mission and operations of their police department. The 11 week course consists of one session per week and three hours per session. Participants will be apprised of the basic information that all police officers must know to perform their jobs and includes such topics as patrol tactics, criminal and narcotics investigations, use of force, communications, officer training, DWI procedures, family violence, juvenile law, as well as many other interesting topics.

  • Who may attend?
    The class is comprised of a cross-section of citizens from the Robinson community. While each class is different, it wouldn't be unusual to find doctors, architects, homemakers, laborers, students, secretaries, salespersons, and others enrolled in the Academy. The minimum age for enrollment is 18 and you must live in or work in the City of Robinson to be eligible to attend.

  • The purpose!
    The Robinson Citizen Police Academy was created to bring a closer working relationship between the Robinson Police Department and the citizens of Robinson. This community relations program will allow local residents to learn the inner workings of the Police Department while officers discover more about the community, it's citizens and what the community's expectations are in regard to law enforcement.

  • What does the Academy cost?
    There is no fee for attending the Citizen Police Academy. The only cost is the students time to attend.

  • When and where do the Academy classes meet?
    All classes will be held at the police department on Tuesdays in the spring and on Thursdays in the fall. Classes begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. and conclude at
    about 9:30 p.m. Two additional six (6) hours sessions will be held on Saturdays for "hands on" exercises and attendance is optional. As part of the academy, each student will ride at least once for a minimum of three hours with an on-duty Police Officer. Scheduling will be discussed further during the first Academy session. Students will also get to sit in the dispatch area for a few hours.

  • Attendance requirements
    Students should plan to attend every session. However, should a student have a conflict with a meeting date/time, up to three sessions (or 9 hours) can be missed and the student will still graduate. Any student who misses more than three sessions will not be allowed to graduate, even though they may be allowed to attend all other sessions until the end of the Academy.

  • Who are the instructors?
    Officers and civilian employees of the police department are chosen for their expertise in the topic being taught. Some of the instructors have no formal training as instructors but often are better able to teach the course than any teacher could.

  • What do I do to apply for the Academy?
    Simply pick up an application at the Robinson Police Department or down load it from this Web site (see below) and return it to the Citizen Police Academy Manager at the police department. Since space is often limited, applicants should return their applications as soon as possible after deciding to attend the Academy. Anyone not selected to attend the Academy due to space unavailability will be placed on a waiting list for future Academy classes on a first come, first served basis. Whether accepted to the Academy or not, you will receive information on your application's status.

  • The Robinson Police Department has found that education has been most effective in gaining understanding and support from the community. The Citizen Police Academy offers citizens insights into how police officers perform their duties and how the department serves the community.

    The purpose of the Citizen Police Academy is to foster better communication between citizens and police through education. The Academy will create a nucleus of well-informed citizens who possess greater insight into police practices and services. Graduates of the Academy can share their knowledge and experiences with the community as the opportunity arises. Everyone benefits from enhancing citizen understanding of the role and function of their police department.


    Instruction consists of one 3-hour class held each week for a duration of eleven weeks. This instruction is comprehensive, covering a different area of the Division of Police each week. Certified police officers, supervisors, and civilian instructors with particular expertise will conduct each topic. Classes are limited to 15 citizen attendees. All classes are free.


    • Criminal Law
    • Recruitment/Training
    • Patrol Procedures
    • Narcotics/K-9
    • Bike Patrol
    • Communications
    • Criminal Investigations
    • Defensive Tactics
    • Firearms Training
    • Tactical Traffic Stops
    • And much more

    Students will also have the option, on a voluntary basis, to tour with a patrol officer, fire weapon at the firing range, and observe the SWAT/SWAT practice.

    Who may attend the Academy?

    • Any interested citizen who resides or works in or lives in Robinson is encouraged to attend. Citizens involved with the Robinson community in some way, such as youth involvement, neighborhood watch, and neighborhood groups are very important to the Academy.
    • Citizens 18 years of age or older.

    When is the Academy?

    The RPDCPA is held once a year in the Spring.

    • Spring Session: February - May at 6:30 p.m. Classes rotate between Tuesdays on odd numbered years and Thursdays on even numbered years.

    How do I apply to the Academy?

    Download Application by clicking here (Acrobat Reader PDF File)
    An application may be mailed to you by calling Officer Chris Lopez at 662-0525 or picked up at the Robinson Police Department